Burano. The place the rainbow spilled on earth.

If you ever visit Venice, definitely go see Burano.
I for one had an absolutely amazing experience as far as this little magical island is concerned. It was a beautiful March first. There were probably 20 something degrees and the sun was shining generously all over the Venetian Lagoon. So we decided to take a vaporetto trip to the islands. The ride takes about 30-40 minutes. You first pass by San Michele, the cemetery island and then by Murano, the island of lace and glass. Don’t stop there. Go straight to Burano. That’s what we did. Since we left pretty early in the morning, at about 9, we were lucky enough to catch a pretty empty ferry and arrive on the island before the mad crowd appeared.

So we stepped of the boat and onto the land of color. Because that’s what Burano is, probably the most colourful place on earth. Every house is painted in a different shade, from bright red, to yellow, blue, green, pink, orange and whatever else you can think of. Nothing seems to match anything, but it all somehow comes together in a wondrous blend, and not a visual chaos.
It was a Saturday, the streets were just coming to life, the little boats were still sleeping on the canals and the local people were starting to get about their work. It was the feeling of a little village on a cleaning day. All over the place, clothes were hanging on ropes, brooms and dustpans were resting next to the doors of the houses and there was a smell of fresh and clean all around. The tourists weren’t there yet and the streets were quiet.
In Burano you do not visit anything in particular. You just walk around the island. We walked for a couple of hours. Prior to our trip, somebody had told us: “Oh, that little place… it’s not worth a trip. You get to see it all in half an hour.” I must say they were clueless. I could have stayed there for a whole day, that’s how great it was. Sometime around lunch, we came out from a little lane onto the main street and we were shocked to see the crowed that had filled the place out of nowhere. I suppose that’s what it is like most of the time. But it didn’t really matter, because the place was great anyway.

So, if you you ever visit Venice, definitely go see Burano.


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