Pisa. A starter for Tuscany.

We arrived in Pisa at night, on a Friday evening. Everybody had told me it’s a small city, with nothing much to see except the famous tower. They were right, up to a point. Because the tower is just a part of a much larger ensemble, alongside the cathedral, the baptistery and the cemetery. What’s real nice is that all these white and impressive buildings are set on a wonderfully green and well kept lawn, and the general impression is one of freshness, cleanliness and calm. Well, at least that’s what I felt when I laid my eyes on all of these at midnight, under a starry sky, in the sound of water sprinklers and with almost nobody around. It’s something compeltely different from what’s going on during the day, when the hoards of tourists invade everything and swarm around like ants on the green grass.

But, it’s true, other then Campo dei Miracoli, because that’s the name very inspired name given to this part of the city, there isn’t much to admire in Pisa. There are a couple of nice streets, lively squares and pretty buildings. But in half of day at most, you can cross of the list everything notable and move along. The city is a great starting point for other destinations, especially with all the low cost flights that drop you off there and the short 10 minutes ride to the centre. It’s also a great amuse bouche for the other wonderful destinations in Tuscany and on the coast. We set of to Cinque Terre.


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